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DULUTH, Ga. - The Atlanta Gladiators, in conjunction with the Gas South District, have announced a four-year lease extension with Gas South Arena.

"We're very excited to build upon the long-lasting tradition of success that both the Atlanta Gladiators and Gas South Arena have held within the Gwinnett County community," Gladiators majority owner Alex Campbell commented. "We are truly grateful for the continued support of Gwinnett County, Gas South District, and our loyal fanbase."

Gas South Arena has served as the home of the Gladiators since the franchise moved to Gwinnett County from Mobile, Alabama, in 2003. This marks the first time the Gladiators and Gas South Arena have agreed to a long-term lease extension since then.

"The Atlanta Gladiators are a very important part of Gas South Arena's history," Chief Executive Officer of Gas South District, Stan Hall said. "We look forward to our continued long term partnership and are excited for the 2023-2024 season and onward."

The Gladiators will return to Gas South Arena on October 21st, opening the season with a highly anticipated matchup with the Savannah Ghost Pirates at 7PM.